The campaign to decriminalise abortion across the UK


Abortion: Health bodies want laws for ‘safe and compassionate' care

5th February 2020

Woman in Northern Ireland abortion pills case formally acquitted

23rd October 2019

At last, abortion is legal for women in Northern Ireland – this was a historic night, but what now?

22nd October 2019

‘The doctors in Northern Ireland knew my baby would die. But I was refused an abortion’

6th October 2019

Northern Ireland abortion law found to breach human rights

3rd October 2019

Abortion and same-sex marriage moves for NI backed by MPs

9th July 2019

Northern Ireland’s abortion laws are an abomination. Westminster must step in

25th April 2019

Ministers accused of inaction over Northern Ireland abortion rights

25th April 2019

Abortion reform ‘blocked to protect DUP deal’

27th January 2019

Isle of Man becomes first place in British Isles to decriminalise abortion

15th January 2019

Kate Beckinsale and Claire Foy among 60 stars to demand changes to Northern Ireland abortion law

21st November 2018

Here’s How Northern Ireland Just Got One Step Closer To Legalising Abortion

24th October 2018

Abortion decriminalisation bill tabled in Commons

23rd October 2018

Let’s end the Victorian stigma and create a 21st century abortion law

22nd October 2018

‘Outdated’ UK abortion laws hampering care for women, doctors say

12th September 2018

NI abortion reform: More than 170 politicians sign letter

22nd July 2018

Northern Ireland abortion law clashes with human rights, judges say

7th June 2018

Abortion debate: MPs say 'we are not criminals' as they share stories about their terminations

5th June 2018

Northern Ireland abortion law debate backed by MPs

5th June 2018

Women must be allowed to take abortion pills at home - anything else is a double standard

29th March 2018

NHS pressures leave one woman a week unable to access abortion with no legal option other than childbirth, charity warns

15th March 2018

Northern Irish abortion law violates women's rights, say UN officials

23rd February 2018

Professor Lesley Regan: abortion pill safer at home than in clinic

10th December 2017

Make access to abortion easier, UK's top gynaecologist demands

5th October 2017

‘I ended a pregnancy before the Abortion Act was passed: here’s what I’m fighting for aged 86’

2nd October 2017

This Leading Pregnancy Doctor Says Abortion Shouldn't Be Considered Controversial

27th September 2017

Young Fabians Health Network event: Women’s Health and the Legal Status of Abortion

25th September 2017

Women In Britain Say They Are Are Turning To Illegal Home Abortions Because They Can't Get To Clinics

20th September, 2017

New Zealand's opposition leader wants to decriminalise abortion completely

5th September, 2017

Abortion should be decriminalised in the UK, says British Medical Association

27th June 2017

Vast majority of Northern Irish people back reform of 'inhumane' abortion law, survey finds

17th June 2017

Women in Ireland safely ending pregnancies with online abortion service, study finds

17th May 2017

Abortion care in Canada is decided between a woman and her doctor, without recourse to criminal law

24th March

MPs win right to challenge Victorian law criminalising abortion

13th March

MPs to discuss reform of Victorian-era abortion laws

13th March

MP Diana Johnson calls for 'Victorian' criminal laws around abortion to be scrapped

13th March

This International Women’s Day, Stand Up For Abortion Rights

8th March 2017

Back to the Fifties: Stylist investigates whether society is going back in time

24th February

British women are buying abortion pills online – and could face life imprisonment

15th February

Abortion pill online sales 'increasing in Britain'

15th February

‘Desperate women’ using abortion pills could face life in prison, charity warns Read more a

15th February

Northern Irish court allows judicial review into decision to prosecute woman under abortion ban

26th January

Man and woman cautioned over abortion pills

18th January

Reforming abortion services in the UK: less hypocrisy, more acknowledgment of complexity

22nd December

Campaigners urge Scottish Government to use devolved powers to decriminalise abortion

11th December

Make misogyny a hate crime and decriminalise abortion, Women’s Equality Party demands

27th November

The abortion pill – giving options to women at home and, crucially, further afield

12th November

Charity Says Northern Irish Women Are “Putting Their Freedom At Risk” To Access Abortion, Buzzfeed

3rd November

Abortion case: Supreme Court hears NI women 'second-class citizens', The BBC

2nd November

Northern Irish women 'treated as second-class citizens' over abortions, The Guardian

2nd November

Northern women appeal denial of free abortions in Britain, The Irish Times

2nd November

NI woman charged over abortion pills, The BBC

27th October

British women, please rally to support decriminalisation of abortion, The Guardian Letters

11th October

British Pregnancy Advisory Service commend Green party on update to abortion policy, Green Party

5th September

Governments Can’t Stop Abortion - We Can Help Make It Safe, The Huffington Post

4th September

Argentina protests after woman imprisoned for abortion, Al Jazeera

13th August

Ecolo Party tables a bill to decriminalise abortion in Belgium

20th July

Decriminalisation motion 352 at the BMA's Annual Representative meeting

30th June

Let women take pill for abortion at home, say nurses: Call for end to 'draconian' rules that mean cannot choose how to have a termination, Mail on Sunday

21st June

The row about abortion term limits is demeaning to pregnant women, The Guardian

18th May

As midwives, we support women – whatever their choices on abortion, The Guardian

18th May

Access to abortion in the UK isn't as legally solid as you think, Mashable

16th April

There is no ‘right’ to abortion for any woman in the UK, The Guardian

7th April

Be in No Doubt: Pregnant Women in the UK Do Not Own Their Own Bodies, The Huffington Post

7th April

Abortion laws in the UK, Woman's Hour

6th April

A prison sentence for ending a pregnancy is appalling, The Victoria Derbyshire Show

5th April

Anger as Northern Ireland woman who took abortion pill is given suspended sentence, ITV news

4th April

It's 2016 and a Woman in the UK Was Just Convicted for Self-Inducing an Abortion, Broadly

4th April

A Woman Who Took Abortion Pills Has Been Sentenced To Three Months In Jail, Buzzfeed

4th April

Recording of We Trust Women: The Case for Decriminalising Abortion, Conway Hall

15th March

Women’s groups call for an end to abortion prosecutions, Women for Independence blog

15th March

We Trust Women: The Case for Decriminalising Abortion, Conway Hall

15th March

Abortion Has No Place in the Criminal Law, bpas blog

10th March

Women in the UK still don’t have a legal right to abortion, Left Foot Forward

9th March

The UK Is Pro-choice - Time for a Law That Reflects That, The Huffington Post

1st March

The Importance of Remaining Vocal About BPAS’ We Trust Women campaign, The Huffington Post

22nd February 2016

Creative Works: Featuring The Union, McCann London, AMV BBDO and more, The Drum

22nd February 2016

UK women seeking abortions still risk imprisonment under Victorian-era law, Mashable

11th February 2016

BPAS: On the Shoulders of Giants, Adeevee

11th February 2016

Why You Can Still Get Sent to Jail for Having an Abortion in the UK, Broadly

10th February 2016

It’s time to change Britain’s antiquated abortion laws #wetrustwomen, Don’t Panic Online

10th February 2016

BPAS: On the Shoulders of Giants, Creative Criminals

10th February 2016

End cruel Victorian abortion laws, campaign urges, The Pool

9th February 2016

Women's charities call to end cruel abortion laws in the UK, Telegraph

9th February 2016

Campaigners Lobby for Full Decriminalization of Abortion in the UK, Broadly

9th February 2016

Abortion Is Technically Still A Criminal Offence In England Because Of A Law Dating Back To 1861, The Debrief

9th February 2016

Scots anti-abortion group warns against push to decriminalise, The Scotsman

9th February 2016

Abortion Should Be Removed From Criminal Law, Campaign By British Pregnancy Advisory Service Urges, Huffington Post

9th February 2016

This Victorian Abortion Law Must Go!, Huffington Post

9th February 2016

5 reasons to join the campaign the decriminalise abortion, Fawcett blog

9th February 2016

It’s Time to Decriminalise Abortion , Huffington Post Young Voices

9th February 2016

Health Workers Back New Pro-Choice Campaign, Morning Star

9th February 2016

Pro-choice activists plan Belfast protest over woman’s abortion trial, The Guardian 13th January 2016

13th January 2016

21-year-old Northern Irish woman to stand trial for ‘attempting abortion’, The Independent

12th January 2016

Irish woman accused of using poison to procure abortion, The Irish Times

11th January 2016

Belfast woman who took abortion pills tells police: ‘ arrest me or change the law’ Guardian

7th January 2016

A prison sentence for self-induced abortion is unjust, unreasonable and in human, Charter for Choice

5th January 2016

Mother who forced a miscarriage when she was over 32 weeks pregnancy by taking poison because she ‘couldn’t deal with the stress’ is jailed for two and half years, Daily Mail

17th December 2015